How To Get Involved

Get InvolvedGeoengineering represents the largest threat to human health, the environment, agriculture, water supplies, and overall ecosystem stability in history.

We must all be involved in sharing this information with everyone we care about. Below are some simple things you can do to help put an end to this epic crime against humanity.

Sign A Petition

Sign A Petition

There are numerous petitions related to chemtrails & geoengineering. Please take a moment to check them out.

Sign A Petition

Join Our Weekly Phone Meeting

Join A Group

Our weekly phone meetings help us welcome new people, coordinate ongoing projects, and encourage each other. Everyone is welcome to participate.

Weekly Phone Meeting

Join A Project


We have a number of projects that need your help. Take a look at our list of current projects.

Join A Project

Invest 30 Seconds A Day

Invest 30 Seconds a Day

With all of us working together, it only take a little bit from each of us to make a big difference. You can do your part in as little as 30 seconds.

Invest 30 Seconds Today