Health Effects of Geoengineering

Toxic metallic particles have a profound affect on health. These particles not only affect humans, they affect animals, plants, agriculture and public water supplies.

Although evidence suggests geoengineering plumes contain a myriad of toxic substances, it is generally agreed that they contain aluminum, barium, and strontium nanoparticles.

Evidence is emerging that geoengineering plumes may also contain highly-toxic mercury, mold spores, and exotic disease-causing substances such as those related to Morgellon's disease.

Below is a list of health effects believed to be caused by geoengineering.

Aluminum Toxicity


Aluminum damages the immune system & the lungs. It suppresses the immune system & induces pain through inflammation & much more.

Aluminum Toxicity

Barium Toxicity


Barium lowers potassium & can induce heart arrhythmias & heart attacks. It also suppresses the immune system, & much more.

Barium Toxicity

Strontium Toxicity


Strontium causes softening of the bones and increases bone-aluminum uptake. It may cause Rachitic rosary, & much more.

Strontium Toxicity

Mercury Toxicity


Numerous common diseases today may be related to mercury toxicity. It may be one of the largest causes of disease in the world.

Mercury Toxicity

Nanoparticles & Human Lifespan


Science has known for years that there is a direct relationship between the size and quantity of particles you breath and your lifespan.

Nanoparticles & Lifespan

Morgellon's Disease


Research strongly suggests that Morgellon's disease is associated with geoengineering.

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